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Pagans of the garden state's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Pagans of the garden state

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Episode #015 - Ergo, the Ego [10 Aug 2010|07:47pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode #015 — Ergo, the Ego

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In the latest episode we discuss the Ego, ergo the name of this episode, and we explore some of the issues surrounding it with prominent occult author and musician Lon Milo DuQuette as well as talk about his new book titled Low Magick: It's All In Your Head ... You Just Have No Idea How Big Your Head Is.

Not only is Lon Milo DuQuette the author of over a dozen books on western esotericisim, but he is also the United States Deputy Grand Master of the O:.T:.O:., an expert on the life of and work of Aleister Crowley, and a Brother Freemason as well. In my interview with Lon he shares some his personal insights and tales in regards to the ego and we even address the role that the ego plays in groups and fraternal organizations such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and even in Freemasonry.

Also in the show, we go on location in eastern Pennsylvania to get in touch with nature and paganism by studying some of the indigenous wildlife. We finally wrap up our journey through the Kybalion as we revisit what we've learned with a new perspective on life as we reflect upon the idea of the self. I announce a new show segment series for the podast. I read some of the listener email that has come to show since Episode 14 and our talk with Dr. Dean Radin. In A Corner in the Occult we learn about Doctor and Lawyer, Henri Cornelius Agrippa the famous German Renaissance author of the Three Books of Occult Philosophy. And we find out which lucky listener won a copy of Dr. Dean Radin’s book Entangled Minds. All this and more in this latest installment of The Infinite and the Beyond!

To message the show please go here.

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Facebook Group for Pagans [13 Jun 2010|10:08pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

To Anyone Who is Interested:

There is a group on Facebook for New Jersey Pagans.  Actually, that's the name as well:


This group tries to keep the members posted on the latest happenings in the NJ pagan Community as well as the latest news / events/ topics regarding anything related to Wicca/Paganism. 

The related Yahoo Group is as follows: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/New_Jersey_Pagans/

If you have any questions, let me know.  Send me a private message and I will give you my Facebook information.

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Charmed, I'm Sure [21 Apr 2010|12:50pm]

Check out my new blog, Charmed I'm Sure: A Finishing School for Drop Out Dilettantes Discussing Charms, Hexes, Housewifery, Hearth Witchery, and Deportment! pagandilettante
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Episode #012 - The Goddess and the Grail [03 Apr 2010|12:02pm]

We bring Pagan Pride Day into the studio as we learn about bloodlines, genetics, and the Goddess and the Grail with local Foundation teacher Ken Neuhauser. In A Corner in the Occult we learn about Madame Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. I play a song I’ve been wanting to play since the beginning of the podcast as well as more music by singer songwriter Stacey Fitzpatrick whom we met in the previous episode. And later in the show we find out which two lucky winners win the first two copies of Stacey Fitzpatrick’s album Forever More. All this and more in this informative and fun episode!

Lecture Bibliography:
  • The Nag Hammadi Library,
  • Rosslyn- Guardian Of The Secrets Of The Holy Grail by Tim and Marilyn Hopkins Wallace-Murphy,
  • The Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend by Gareth Knight,
  • Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln

Featured Music: Stacey Fitzpatrick, The Sword,

Promos: Moonshine,

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Episode #010 - Death and Necromancy [28 Jan 2010|11:41pm]

[ mood | content ]

In this extra long landmark episode we talk about death, the greatest rite of passage of them all by addressing its meaning and reality as well as how it affects the meaning of life. We talk to Ray Sette about being a Psychic Astrologer. We learn about Dr. John Dee, Sir Edward Kelley, and Enochian Magic in A Corner in the Occult. I read listener email. We find out which two lucky listeners won the goathead wall plaques from Episode #008. I share some personal stories regarding my experiences with death and medical cadavers. And to close we discuss Necromancy and Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Links: Ray Sette Psychic Astrologer, Association TransCommunication, Krampus, Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research, American Express Commerical

Music: George Wood, Blue Oyster Cult, ASCIAN, Dragon Ritual Drummers, All India Radio, Guy David, Alexandre Falcao, Linda Holzer, Ted Tunes, Persian Paladin

Featured Music: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Portishead

Promos: Inciting A Riot, Lance and Graal, Witchery of One, Spiritscast

Credits: PodsafeAudio, Podsafe Music Network

Show Script (pdf)

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Halloween in December - benefit for Isaac Bonewits this Sunday [16 Dec 2009|02:19am]

Hey, all. How are you doing?

If you've not heard, author and scholar Isaac Bonewits is fighting cancer right now.

This Sunday, the Wicked Faire folks are doing a benefit for him - "Halloween in December". It's at the IHOP of Somerset, 900 Easton Avenue, Somerset, NJ. Admission is $5, and it starts at 7. We have a really great fun time planned. Perhaps you might check us out?

Halloween in December: A benefit for Isaac Bonewits

Halloween decorations, a costume contest, trick or treating, professional haunters from New England, good times, DJing by Dave Ghoul of Grendel's Den, ghost stories and other dark treats by demonologist Kevin Meare, good times, fun people, pancakes, vendors, door prizes, silent auction (benefit) and more!

Please feel free to pass this along!
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Psst! Pssst! [03 Dec 2009|04:01pm]

If The Wicked Faire sponsored a benefit for Isaac Bonewits, who is fighting cancer currently - say, an event called "Halloween in December", held in Somerset, admission $5 - would you want to go?

(I'm specifically polling pagan_nj. I'm not cross-posting this message; I'd really like the opinion of you fine folks. Besides, this group's been too quiet!)
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The Infinite and the Beyond (podcast) [30 Aug 2009|10:59pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Episode #007 - "Paganism and Being Pagan"

In this episode, a discussion of the meaning of paganism and being Pagan with Amie Tolomeo co-owner of Sun and Moon a south Jersey Metaphysical Shoppe and co-coordinator of the South Jersey Pagan Pride Day. I respond to listener email and talk about paranormal investigation, how to spot poor investigative practices and recognize misinformed ghost hunter groups. We learn about Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism in A Corner of the Occult. We see who won the copy of Arthur Hinds’ album Poetry of Wonder. And we discuss the Principle of Vibration as we continue with our journey through The Kybalion.

Links: Asclepius, Corpus Hermeticum, Perchten Procession, Proud Pagan Podcasters, Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research, Sun and Moon Metaphysical Shoppe, South Jersey Pagan Pride Day.

Promos: Get Witchified, Get out of the Broom Closet, A Pagan Heart in Maine, The College Witch, Pagan Centered Podcast.

Music: Alexandre Falcao, Arthur Hinds, Linda Holzer, David Parker, Persian Paladin, Ted Tunes, George Wood.

Credits: Podsafe Audio , Podsafe Music Network.


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Cottonwoolfairy Hats [01 Jun 2009|04:41pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


I've recently opened a shop online selling traditional pointy witch hats,
and I'm currently posting the info around in case anyone might be interested.

A while ago I became frustrated with the lack of proper pointy hats available
(beyond the fake plasticy ones you can buy at Hallowe'en).
I started making felt hats as an experiment, and enjoyed it so much
that I decided to start selling them.

The hats are felted from various different wools:
unbleached and undyed natural colours such as Black Welsh and Bluefaced Leicester,
as well as soft Merino wool dyed in any number of colours.
Often I decorate them with brightly coloured silks, buttons, hatbands etc.
However, these hats are made to be worn - The felt is hardy and weather resistant
and will easily withstand being sat upon, dropped in puddles, stolen by toddlers etc!
As such, they are ideal for wearing out and about.

There are several hats up for sale on my website at the moment - I hope you like them!
More usually though I work to commissions, so please feel free to
e-mail me with your own designs at:

Best Wishes,
Imogen Rush

(P.S. I hope it's okay that I've posted this here!)

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Pagan Podcast Episode #005 [30 May 2009|11:07am]

[ mood | curious ]


I don't know if anyone on here listens to any pagan podcasts, but I was wondering if any of you listened to Episode #005 of The Infinite and the Beyond and what you happened to think some of the discussion segments in it?

Download Episode #005 : http://media.libsyn.com/media/infinitebeyond/infinitebeyond_005_the_nature_of_nature.mp3

Show Website: http://www.infinite-beyond.com

Just Curious

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New Episode! The Infinite and the Beyond (podcast) [15 Mar 2009|07:47pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Episode #003 - "The Secrets of My Success!"

In this episode we acknowledge the use of glitter and discuss anomalous pets and what to do if you think you have one. The benefits of backgrounds and the freedom to wander through your path. We hear what composer Kristian Stout has evolved into. I say thank you to Kia Dragon from the podcast Pagan Chaos Magic. We learn about famous occultist Eliphas Levi in A Corner in the Occult. I respond to listener email and have some laughs doing it. We begin a new show segment with an introduction to my other favorite text. And we continue with our discussion on community by addressing covens.

Segments: The Ghost Cat, My Background and Path, A Corner in the Occult: Eliphas Levi, The Kybalion: Introduction and History, and Covens.

Available for download at http://infinitebeyond.libsyn.com/

MM BB 93!

Christopher Orapello

The Infinite and the Beyond (podcast)

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"The Infinite and the Beyond" a New Pagan Podcast [06 Feb 2009|09:52am]


The Infinite and the Beyond an Esoteric Pagan Podcast!

Episode #001 - The Curse of Being Weird is Now available!

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The Wicked Winter Chocolate Factory Faire [29 Jan 2009|02:33am]

The Wicked Faire seeks you, and stuff.Collapse )
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Seeking Pagan performers for Wicked Faire [20 Nov 2008|04:43pm]

Hey, folks. This year's Wicked Faire ("The Wicked Winter Chocolate Factory") will be on February 20-22nd, at the Marriott of Hanover, in Whippany.

We're closing in on being all booked up in terms of performers, and I did want to go out of my way to see if a few of my fellow paganfolk would like to performer. There is no monetary compensation at this time, but there's food, free tickets, generous tips, and a chance to sell one's performer wares.

Anyone interested?


P.S. I'm new to this community - hello, all!
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SJ Witches Ball Tix on SALE NOW (for Nov. 7) [16 Oct 2008|11:45pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Come one, come all, to the South Jersey Witches Ball!

All are welcome... this is a fundraising event for SJPPD.

When: Friday, November 7th. 8 pm to 1 am.
Where: The 25 Club in Maple Shade, NJ
Costume Theme: "Get a Past Life!" Come as your favorite past life.. or
someone elses!

Who: 18 to party, 21 to drink. Beer & wine available, or BYOB.
How: Must buy tickets in advance! Will-call is okay but no tickets
will be sold at the door.

How Much: $40 per person, $70 per couple, $300 for a table of 10.
Includes: Dinner & Dessert, Dancing, Champagne Toast, Entry into the
Costume Contest, and entry into Door Prize Drawing.

Other info: We will have an ancestor altar set up at the front of the
room. Please feel free to bring a photo or memento of your lost loved
ones (prefer copies) to place on the altar. Psychic readings with
Sherry ($30) will be available before and after dinner. We will also
have a collection for new, unwrapped toys for donations to CHOP.

For tickets please visit www.southjerseypaganpride.org or send paypal
to southjerseypaganpride@gmail.com.


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[12 Oct 2008|03:17pm]

This organization is giving me the opportunity to spend three months volunteering and learning about their mission and their animals. Although I don't have money to spare right now, and I know most of you probably don't either, I want to pass this link around so that their situation gets as much exposure as possible. PLEASE forward this to anyone you think might be even remotely able/inclined to help out.

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Looking for groups! [09 Sep 2008|12:49am]

I'm an eclectic Pagan gal trying to find a new group to grow with.

I'm in Hoboken, but willing to travel pretty much anywhere that isn't two hours away.

Anyone have any ideas or sites I *should* be checking? Already hit up Witchvox.
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A Few Questions About Pagan Periodicals [29 Aug 2008|05:41pm]

Hi! I’ve got a few questions for you lovely people of my own home state. My friends and I are currently in the process of creating a pagan magazine. We’ve found that the largest and most widely distributed pagan magazines are unfulfilling- being mostly anecdotal and catering to a less mature set.

The magazine we’re hoping to come out with, Thorn, will be an attempt to bring academia and investigative  journalism into the market- interviews with the heads of various sects, reprintings of source materials, reviews of music and games, articles on modern and ancient paths, fiction and art. We intend to have a website with content not published, archives, and discussion forums. We want to go the whole nine and make a truly excellent magazine.

I’d love to hear your own gripes and opinions about pagan periodicals or any suggestions you might have for such a magazine. If you have the time, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d pop in and take our marketing survey here. We have prizes!

Kate- Perpetual and Universal Intern
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New EVPs on Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research Website! [13 Aug 2008|10:53pm]

There are two new recordings of anomalous voices found on the EVPs page of our website.

Anomalous voices, meaning voices which appeared on a recording from an unknown origin and were not heard at the time of the recording, but were found upon playback. Also referred to as Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP.

Now available for listening at Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research in the EVPs section of our website.
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Chess Club forming in South Jersey [01 Feb 2008|06:23pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Chess anyone?

Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge #191 of F&AM is beginning a community chess club for masons and non-masons of all ages to get together, talk and play chess. People of any skill level are welcome to join and attend. Even if you are not local, but are interested, join our list if you like as some of our members are on Chess.com and play regularly. The idea is that the club would provide instruction, camaraderie and good conversation. Chess is such a time honored tradition, it is only fitting that a masonic lodge should have such a club.

All club gatherings and events will take place in the downstairs area of:
Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge #191
511 Station Avenue
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

If you are interested in this club and would like to be kept in the direct loop of communication regarding its developments, please visit the following link and join the email list created especially for this club.

Thank you all in advance!
I think this club is going to be a wonderful addition to our local community.


~Bro. Christopher Orapello
Mizpah-Haddon Heights Lodge #191 of F&AM

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