Gunshot Bride (moral_decision) wrote in pagan_nj,
Gunshot Bride

Looking for groups!

I'm an eclectic Pagan gal trying to find a new group to grow with.

I'm in Hoboken, but willing to travel pretty much anywhere that isn't two hours away.

Anyone have any ideas or sites I *should* be checking? Already hit up Witchvox.
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Thank you so much! Let's hope I find a group before Samhain!
My fiance and I have been searching for a stable group to grow with for a long time as well ... we just haven't had any luck finding one thus far. We're in northern NJ too (Bergenfield) ... let us know if you find any! ;-)
Oddly enough I was on Witchvox today looking for a group. Would anyone like to meet up at Barnes and Noble on Thursday night and see what we can see?
Thursday, I can't do... but Friday would work out well for me.
Friday night I am me at to try to work this out.
Pagan Pride NYC is coming up September 27. Maybe you can make contacts there?
If you're up for a drive, South Jersey PPD is October 4. :)