Jeff Mach (transversecity) wrote in pagan_nj,
Jeff Mach

The Wicked Winter Chocolate Factory Faire

Hello! This is Jeff Mach, of the Wicked Faire - which is, this year, the Wicked Winter Chocolate Factory Renaissance Faire. You may have heard of us; you may not. This is the part where it would be helpful for me to describe Wicked Faire in a single pithy sentence...but I've never been able to do that well, even though I strongly believe a promoter should be able to explain things that simply.

I'll try this: If you took an event which changed rules of place and time, like a Renaissance Faire; had an insane amount of entertainment, like a festival; was social and full of rich interaction, like a convention; and worked its metaphorical ass off to give unusual people a place that felt like home--

Then you'd come as close to a good description as I can.

Last year, we ran into horrible trouble when venomously hostile new owners bought out our venue scant months before Wicked. I begged for help--and an amazing, amazing amount of people came to our aid.

I have spent the past year trying to create a thank-you--I, and a whole asylum's worth of lovely crazy wonderful people. This year's event is NOT going to be perfect by a long shot - there was just too much burnout and pain and hurt last year; I didn't compensate properly, and I know it. There will be fuckups; there will be mistakes; there will be times when we disappoint you.

But I feel, in the back of my mind and the center of my heart and the core of my gut, that we have succeeded in the thing I wanted most: We have put together something unspeakably, gloriously, wizardly unworldly great this year--and at the very damn core of my being, I want to share it with you.

Yours in service to dreams,

Jeff M.

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