Jeff Mach (transversecity) wrote in pagan_nj,
Jeff Mach

Halloween in December - benefit for Isaac Bonewits this Sunday

Hey, all. How are you doing?

If you've not heard, author and scholar Isaac Bonewits is fighting cancer right now.

This Sunday, the Wicked Faire folks are doing a benefit for him - "Halloween in December". It's at the IHOP of Somerset, 900 Easton Avenue, Somerset, NJ. Admission is $5, and it starts at 7. We have a really great fun time planned. Perhaps you might check us out?

Halloween in December: A benefit for Isaac Bonewits

Halloween decorations, a costume contest, trick or treating, professional haunters from New England, good times, DJing by Dave Ghoul of Grendel's Den, ghost stories and other dark treats by demonologist Kevin Meare, good times, fun people, pancakes, vendors, door prizes, silent auction (benefit) and more!

Please feel free to pass this along!
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